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Sales Policy

Acceptance Mark PayPal is accepted for deposits and goat sales.
Please do not submit funds without prior approval. 

E-mail for more details

Kids, milkers and adult bucks are periodically available.  Click the links below, by breed, to see what is currently available or check out the current kidding schedule to see what kiddings are coming up.

Nigerian Dwarves for sale         Nigerian Dwarf Kidding Schedule
Oberhasli for sale            Oberhasli Kidding Schedule

2015 is going to be a year of transition.  The majority of the herd was sold in 2014 with just a handful of does in each breed being retained.  While I am breeding does, very few kids will be retained in 2015.  I kept the favorite does which also happen to be the most successful does in LA and in the show ring so outstanding kids are anticipated.    I do, though, always keep the right to retain any kid, even if reserved. Since I hate to refund money, and I can't guarantee what might be available from any given breeding,  no deposit is required to reserve a kid prior to birth.  Simply let me know which breeding(s) interest you and once I know there will be something available from that kidding, you will be contacted.  Once I know I have the goat that meets your needs, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold the kid until pick-up/shipping arrangements can be finalized.  Unless specific arrangements are made otherwise, all sales are expected to be completed with the goat picked up/shipped within 4 weeks of receiving the deposit or a $5/day boarding fee will be charged.  Any and all costs associated with shipping or transportation, including any health certificates and related testing, are the responsibility of the buyer.   All goats are sold as healthy at the time they leave the farm and no other guarantees to the future health or quality of the animal is guaranteed.  (I do subscribe to the Recommended Trade Practices for ADGA Members.)  A buyer is welcome to pay for any additional health testing that they wish to have completed as a condition of sale.  Deposits are refunded should an animal not receive the desired results.

Kids are priced primarily based on the success of the dam in the show ring, DHIR and linear appraisal based on the following chart.  Does with exceptional records or special breedings such as AI breedings may have kids higher than the chart.

Dam's Record

Kid Price

No records

$600 ($500 for Oberhasli)

Restricted Leg


Unrestricted Leg

+$100 (even if also has restricted)

Finished Champion

+$200 (in lieu of other legs)

E Mammary on LA


FS 90+ on LA


*M on DHIR


800#+ (ND)/2500#+ (Ob) milk


Top Ten


SG designation


As an example to pricing, a kid out of a *M doe with an unrestricted leg and E mammary on LA would be $700.  Please note that these prices are for pre-reserved kids only.  Once kids are born, prices may be increased.