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Oberhasli Bucks

Sire Lines

Reference Bucks

Current Herd Sires

A.I. Sires

Alpine Springs Easy Ryder
SG Meadowsong Merlot Apollo +*B
FDF Pleasant Fields Jack Dnls        
FDF Pleasant Fields Choo Choo        
SGCH Cream-of-Kansas' It'sbout Time +B Buttin'Heads Golianth      
SG White-Haven Tumnus +*B Buttin'Heads Harpo Buttin'Heads Guiness    
Buttin'Heads Duncan Hines
Buttin'Heads Killer Tomato  
Buttin'Heads Michael *B        
Heaven's Hollow Adrenaline        
Heaven's Hollow Major *B Buttin'Heads Fooler Buttin'Heads Billy Flynn    
Buttin'Heads Purple Haze *B  
Heaven's Hollow Hornet's Nest *B Buttin'Heads Wrath Madness      
Tappahana Hangman Jury        



Buck Sire of Does (in herd) Bred to Does/Due 2017
Heaven's Hollow Major *B GCH B'H Queen Latifah
B'H Billie Holiday
Buttin'Heads Duncan Hines CH B'H When Doves Cry
B'H Tiramasu
Buttin'Heads Golianth B'H Emancipation  
Buttin'Heads Harpo B'H Lady In Satin  
Buttin'Heads Purple Haze *B B'H Independence  
Buttin'Heads Wrath Madness B'H Red Turtle Dove  
Tappahana Hangman Jury B'H Freedom  
Buttin'Heads Billy Flynn   GCH B'H Queen Latifah
B'H Billie Holiday
B'H Emancipation
CH B'H When Doves Cry
B'H Lady In Satin
B'H Tiramasu
B'H Independence
B'H Red Turtle Dove