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GCH /ARMCH Buttin'Heads Wedding Song *M/3*D

DOB: 04/22/1999 (pictured Sept. 2004, Aug. 2005, May 2008)
DOD: 12/6/2011

Height:  20 11/16" ( official DHI measurement 08/11/01)

Wedding Song was Sue's pride and joy and they were truly a team in and out of the ring.  In the fall of 2010, Song suffered an apparent stroke.  While she looked like she was drunk when she walked, she still was in great shape and ran loose with her dam until she finally passed away in December of 2011.  Song is buried, with Sue's ashes, on a rise in the pasture overlooking the barn.  Song was one of those once-in-a-lifetime does.  She was BOB at both preview shows before the 2003 AGS National Show.   She was the second ADGA permanent champion Nigerian by a few hours behind her herdmate.  She was the first Nigerian to LA with a FS of 91 in ADGA in 2005.   She amassed an amazing show ring record winning 44 BOB (or GCH when challenge not offered) and 13 ADGA BIS wins from 2005-2008.  (This is in addition to her show wins in AGS prior to 2005!)  Her last year shown (2008) she was BOB 15 out of 15 times and BIS 7 out of the 14 times offered.  She has 5 offspring with their GCH/CH title in ADGA, at least 2 with LA final scores of 90 and a multi-BIS winning daughter.  She was the paternal granddam of the 1st place 2 year old (also RBU) and the maternal granddam of the 1st place 3 year old at the inaugural ADGA National Show in 2010. What more could one ask out of a 21" doe!


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Wrights Acre Nicomo


Milk Record

Age Fresh









1-10 244 370 29 7.8 19 5.1 1.24  

Show Wins






2002 SEODGA A. Akramoff RGCH Sr.  
2002 4 Fun Show-Virginia J. Euchler GCH Sr. Unrestricted Leg (Leg 1)
2002 Delaware Valley Milk Goat Assoc. C. Kloiber Sr. Ch./GCH/BOB/BU Unrestricted Leg (Leg 2)
2002 Delaware Valley Milk Goat Assoc. J. Quagliana Sr. Ch./GCH/BOB/BU Unrestricted Leg (Leg 3) ARMCH completed
2002 Wisconsin State Fair D. Thompson BOB/BU  
2002 North Carolina State Fair H. Considine RGCH Sr.  
2003 SEODGA T. Flickinger BOB  
2003 2OhiO3 - AGS Nat'l "Preview" Show E. Henning BOB 62 Senior Does
2003 2OhiO3 - AGS Nat'l "Preview" Show B. Woodward BOB 63 Senior Does
2003 AGS Nat'l Show C. Strickland 3rd pl 4 year old  
2004 SEODGA M. Binkley BOB/BU  
2004 SEODGA W. Pearson BOB/BU  
2004 MN State Fair J. Klein BOB/BU 83 Does
2004 Sandwich Fair W. Turnquist BOB  
2005 SEODGA (ADGA) T. Ness GCH Sr./BOB Unrestricted ADGA Leg (Leg 1)
2005 SEODGA (ADGA) K. Senn RGCH Sr.  
2005 OVDGA (ADGA) P. Kempe GCH Sr. Unrestricted ADGA Leg (Leg 2)
2005 OVDGA (ADGA) Y. Blosser GCH Sr. Unrestricted ADGA Leg (Leg 3)
2005 BADGA (ADGA) L. Berry GCH Sr./BOB  
2005 NEODGA (ADGA) C. Adels GCH Sr./BOB  
2005 NEODGA (ADGA) A. McKeever GCH Sr./BOB/BIS #1 145 Senior Does
2005 WRDGA (ADGA) J. Quagliana GCH Sr./BOB/BIS #2 128 Senior Does
2005 Tri-State DGA (ADGA) H. Considine GCH Sr./BOB  
2005 Tri-State DGA (ADGA) S. Considine 6th out of 6  
2005 ODGA (ADGA) W. Pearson GCH Sr./BOB  
2005 ODGA (ADGA) M. Baden GCH Sr./BOB  
2005 Warren Co. Fair (ADGA) D. Laney GCH Sr./BOB/BU  
2005 Boone Co. Fair (ADGA) M. Binkley GCH Sr.  
2005 Preble Co. Fair (ADGA) L. Sieber RGCH Sr./BU AOP (L,D,O,S,C)
2005 Wood Co. Fair (ADGA) J. Mathys BOB/BU  
2005 State Fair WV (ADGA) C. Black-Montoya BOB/BU AOP (D,O,C)
2005 Best in NW 4-H (ADGA) A. Maze BOB  
2005 Highland Co. Fair (ADGA) B. Mills 2nd CC/2ndU GCH,BOB,BU,BIS - Buttin'Heads Eschamo
owner - Susan Ausman
2005 Coshocton Co. Fair (ADGA) C. Black-Montoya BOB AOP (D,S,C,T)
2006 Lucas Co. Fair (ADGA) Y. Blosser Sr.CH/GCH/BIS #3  
2006 Wood Co. Fair (ADGA) A. Maze BOB/BU  
2006 State Fair of WV (ADGA) A. Weikel BOB/BU/BIS #4  
2006 BITNW/Defiance Co. Fair (ADGA) T. Flickinger BOB/BIS #5 AOP (D,O,S)
2006 Sandwich Fair (ADGA) D. Considine BOB/BU  
2006 TN State Fair (ADGA) S. Richter BOB/BU ANDDA Specialty
2006 Delaware Co. Fair (ADGA) D. Laney GCH Sr.  
2007 Warren Co. Fair (ADGA) C. Black-Montoya Sr.CH/GCH/BOB/BU  
2007 Lucas Co. Fair (ADGA) D. Shepherd Sr.CH/GCH/BIS #6  
2007 Wood Co. Fair (ADGA) L. Sieber-Synesael BOB/BU  
2007 State Fair of WV (ADGA) A. McKeever BOB  
2007 Geauga Co. Fair (ADGA) Y. Blosser BOB/BU AOP (D,S,T)
2007 Delaware Co. Fair (ADGA) C. Black-Montoya BOB  
2008 SEODGA (ADGA) W.T. Harp BOB  
2008 SWODGA (ADGA) Y. Blosser BOB  
2008 SWODGA (ADGA) J. Quagliana BOB  
2008 WRDGA T. Ness BOB/BIS #7  
2008 WRDGA W.T. Harp BOB  
2008 ODGA Buckeye Classic T. Flickinger BOB/BIS #8  
2008 ODGA Buckeye Classic T. Biddle BOB/BIS #9  
2008 Medina County Fair M. Saal BOB/BU/BIS #10 AOP (D,O,L)
2008 Wood County Fair L. Sieber-Synesael BOB  
2008 Lorain County Fair A. Weikel BOB/BIS #11  
2008 Geauga County Fair T. Flickinger BOB/BIS #12/part of Best 4 Does, all breeds AOP (D,T)
2008 Sandwich Fair Y. Blosser BOB  
2008 Delaware County Fair K. Schnipke BOB/BIS #13  
2008 MODGA Y. Blosser BOB
2008 NC State Fair W. Pearson BOB ND only show - no BIS offered

Linear Appraisal








06/02/05 6-01 E E E E 91

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