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CH Buttin'Heads Caribbean Cruise

Height:  ~20.5"

Bred 01/07/06 to Buttin'Heads MOH Rising Son
Due 06/01/06 (145 days)


Brush Creek Carpe Diem Willow Creek Larceny Willow Creek Treason
Willow Creek Luzianne
MCH Willow Creek April Morning Willows Alias
Goodwood River Avon
ARMCH Buttin'Heads Bryedal Veil 2*D Buttin'Heads Swhiz on Rye +*S Heartwood Whiz Kid
Buttin'Heads Whole'Wheat Toast 2*D
ARMCH Columbus Zoo Godiva*D Pine Cone Valley Ginseng
Wrights Acre Nicomo


Show Wins






2005 BADGA (ADGA) T. Ness GCH Sr./BOB Unrestricted ADGA Leg (Leg 1)
2005 SWODGA (ADGA) T. Ness GCH Sr./BOB Unrestricted ADGA Leg (Leg 2)
2005 SWODGA (ADGA) M Binkley GCH Sr./BOB Unrestricted ADGA Leg (Leg 3)

Linear Appraisal

06/02/05  VVEV 87

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